We specialize in providing Income tax services to individuals, small scale and medium scale businesses which are highly effective and efficient. Our range of services include preparation of returns, getting assessment done, Tds and withholding tax compliance, fringe benefit tax compliance and income tax appeals before CIT and ITAT. We are also authorised TINFacilitation Centre of the National Security Depository Ltd. (NSDL).

  • Preparation of Income Tax Return
  • Assessment of Tax Returns
  • Consultancy in income tax matters & tax planning
  • TDS & Withholding tax compliance
  • Income tax Appeals before CIT (Appeals)
  • Income tax Appeals before Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT)
  • Survey, Search & Seizure Consultancy
  • Appearance before Investigation Wing of Income Tax Department


We have rich experience in offering service tax matters consultancy which are vital in the current scenario. Our range of services include filing of returns, maintenance of records and we also properly assess the situation of our clients. We are also a Certified Filing Centre of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). The consultancy is provided by us at market leading rates.

  • Registration
  • Filing of return
  • Maintenance of Records
  • Assessment
  • Handling of Service Tax Audit by Service Tax Department

Sales Tax Consultancy & VAT Matters Consultancy

Our clients avail from us Sales Tax consultancy which has proved highly beneficial for them. We also provide VAT matters consultancy which has become extremely vital in present day scenario. Our range of sales tax services include registration, filing of periodicals returns, assessment, issue of necessary forms and appeals

  • Registration
  • Filing of periodicals returns
  • Assessment
  • Issue of necessary forms
  • Appeals

Goods & Service Tax (GST)

Goods & Service Tax Act (GST) is the new Law in India which will merge in itself VAT, Service Tax, Excise, Octrai, Entry Tax etc. and has become effective from 01.04.2017. We will guide you and provide every services relating to GST. Our separate GST Department headed by CA expert on the Law, will render all the required services.

  • Impact of GST on Business
  • Price Fixation of product after GST Regime
  • GST Implementation & Execution
  • GST Compliances
  • GST Registration
  • Filing of Returns and GST
  • Assessments
  • Complete GST Consultancy

Professional Tax

The professional tax is the amount of tax collected by the State Government of India. Any individual who is working and earning income from salary, business or any kind of profession is liable to pay "Tax". Different states in the country have different rules in the collection of the amount as per the (State) Professional Tax Act.


The Professional Tax is similar to income tax, however, the income tax is collected by the Central Government whereas, Professional Tax is collected by the State Government. At the beginning, when this law was first introduced, Rs. 250/- was the maximum amount to be collected in 1949,, but the slab was soon increased to Rs. 2,500/- by the year 1988.

Since last few years, the State Government is pursuing the Central Government to increase the maximum limit of the professional tax slab but, it is yet to be implemented. The amount of deduction as per the Tax Act Professional differs in the different states of India.

  • Maintenance of the following records as per the (State) Professional Tax Act.
  • Complete formality to register the business under the applicable Professional Tax Act along with obtaining a license.
  • As per the slab provided by the respective Professional Tax Act, we complete the formality of deduction of monthly/quarterly/ half yearly and annual professional tax.
  • Depositing the professional tax return along with challan as per the given format.
  • Providing regular updates and changes in the amendment under the (State)Professional Tax Act.

TDS Processing

TDS or Tax Deduction at Source is the amount of tax deducted from the salary before paying them. TDS needs to be calculated on monthly basis and after that, the processing of the salary is done. Thus, it is a very important part of calculating salary , we at Ashok K Bansal & Co. equips you with the best solution for calculating error free TDS every month for your employees.


TDS processing is a mandatory task for every business organization. The process of calculation of TDS, deduction from salary and depositing the tax to the government needs to be done every month and that also in an error free way to avoid any kind of penalties.


We provide a complete solution to the TDS formalities like: -

  • Monthly TDS calculation as per the information declared.
  • Payment of the collected tax to the concerned department.
  • Issue Tax Deduction Certificate to the payee.
  • E-filling of the TDS returns.
  • E-Payment in all Tax Audit.
  • Providing expert suggestion for complete tax planning and others.
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